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Sample Google Calendar

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in with your Google account (usually a Gmail address)
    1. There might be more than one calendar listed on the left - make sure that your property's calendar is selected
  3. Click on the date/time you want to schedule your event
    1. Enter the event title and click "Edit event"
    2. Enter a location and brief description
    3. Verify that the Calendar is properly selected
    4. Verify that the Visibility is set to Public
  4. Save your event

Modify existing events:
  1. Drag and drop the event to a new time on the same day, or to an entirely different day
  2. Stretch or shrink the event's duration
  3. Click on the event to quickly delete
  4. Click on the event name to edit
  5. Check the "Repeat" box for repeat settings
  6. Check the "All day" box for all-day events
    1. Or click in the upper area of the calendar when quickly adding events

Because the calendar is embedded in your website, the calendar on your website will automatically update itself!