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Product & Service Pricing

Step 1 - Choose your website package
Website Packages Bronze
Silver Gold Platinum
  One Time Setup
 $400  $1200 $1800 $2900
  Number of web pages
 Unlimited 12 16  20
  Business Class E-mail
  Google Analytics
  Google Maps
  Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  Claim Inn on Destination Nexus
  Site submitted to search engines
  Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)    
  Custom Blog
  Google Places
  Custom Design - Exclusive Rights
  Mobile Website (also available a la carte)
Step 2 - Choose your monthly plan
Monthly Plans Limited Basic Plus Premium Max
  Monthly Plans
 $20*  $35 $50 $75 $120
  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools
  Video Player
  Opinion Polls
  Forms Development Tool
  Search Bar
  Content Management System    
  Unlimited web pages        
  Events Calendar  
  File Upload  
  Monthly Minor Changes     1 hour Unlimited Unlimited
  Premium Facebook Integration      
  Email Marketing        
  Shopping Cart        

With the Limited Plan, you will not have access to make changes to your website yourself.
Hosting and Administration
Limited Basic Plus Premium Max
  Cloud-based Website Hosting
  Automated Website Backups
  DNS Configuration
  Business Email Configuration
  Website Analytics
  Multiple Login Accounts
Step 3 - See if there are any add-ons you need
A La Carte
  Mobile Website
  Mobile Website Hosting (Monthly)
  Custom Website Design
  Custom Website Design with Exclusive Rights
  Color Change to existing design
  Extra Pages (per page) - Basic SEO
  Extra Pages (per page) - Advanced SEO $75
  Hourly Rate